Visit Indonesia

Visit Indonesia

Visit Indonesia . “Indonesia, where is it?”. First time I heard some of my classmates which are from Europe asking it, I was shocked. Totally tongue-tied. I thought Indonesia is […]


30 May 2012 – losing someone is painful. I must be strong and carry on. — Tears in Heaven a song by Eric Clapton Would you know my name If […]

This is Anfield!

Anfield Stadium, Liverpool

I am a fan of Liverpool. Since I knew The Beatles which is my favourite band is from Liverpool although they were neither Liverpool nor Everton’s fans, I’ve been becoming a big […]

Travel Sickness

Travel Sickness . I have a sickness that I really hate. I have been suffering since I was a little boy. Basically it’s not a dangerous disease but for me […]

Goal of Life

Setting a goal is quite useful for people who desire pursuing a word ‘success’. You can call it a success when you have achieved your dreams well. You may measure […]

Eisenhower Matrix

Some people couldn’t manage their time effectively. I have a colleague who always thinks all his activities are necessary and should be finished immediately whatever it takes. Hence he spends all […]

Watch Your Customers!

There is a famous quote about customers, “Customer is King”. Some people renewed it “Prospective Customer is the real king”. Some added “sometimes” between is and king.  Instead debating its multi-interpretation, just […]

My Brain

How to make your life great? Do what you like and like what you do. By doing that, you spend every minute of your life with passion and love.  In […]

London, City of Design

I have been living in this city for more than one year. As a person who is really interested in design and architecture, this city is extraordinary awesome.  Almost every […]

Football Aversion

I was a football-maniac who scheduled every weekend to spent watching English Premier League and Serie-A matches. I am a fan of Liverpool and AC Milan. I spent about 4-6 […]

Tanah Airku

“Tanah Airku” means Motherland in Indonesian. This song is written by Bu Sud (almh), one of most legendary composers in Indonesia. This song tells about humans’ pride and love of […]

Me. Was and am.

Life begins at fourty, as people said. But for me, life began at college. Before entering college, I was an ordinary school students who have no academic brilliance, have no […]